Thursday, August 18, 2011

postheadericon A daughter's creative journey

This is my daughter Carissa and this is her blog - The Sweets Table.  This is her dream and her passion, and has been for awhile.  While my happy place is in the studio painting on anything that will stand still long enough, hers is in the kitchen, baking and creating oh so delicious desserts that make my pants keep shrinking! 
So yesterday, she was helping me in the studio as she does every week.  This is a job of hers...she tries, and I emphasize TRIES to keep me organized.  This is an impossible task, but she is determined that I can be, so she keeps trying.  She was helping and (Barbara) The Shabby Cowgirl came in to talk about some aprons.. Have you met The Shabby Cowgirl?   You must!  Go to her Facebook page and hit like! You meet some wonderful people on Facebook!   Not only does she make the most wonderful aprons in the world, but she is a warm, wonderful person to boot!  Anyway, we were having a nice chat and the subject came up of doing what you love, following your heart, working your passion and just going ahead and DOING it instead of how most people just talk about doing it!  Barbara had the most wonderful words of wisdom to share with Carissa about all these things, and it really stuck with her. Read her blog post.   She listened. She got it.  She had heard it before but it is different when it isn't coming out of your mother or father's mouth!  Thank you Barbara!  This is my daughter's creative journey and I feel very blessed to be here at the beginning of this new adventure of hers!   Would I be dating myself so much if I just said YOU GO GIRL!


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