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I get questions every day from customers and students so I thought I would, from time to time, list some of them here with answers....

Question:  My wax still feels sticky.  Did I do something wrong? 

Answer:  I am including an answer to this question posted on Annie Sloan Paint's facebook page.  This was in response to a question about the wax used in the Texas heat and does apply to any other place you live:

Annie Sloan:

Where the wax had smudged after you had it outside, I would just polish it up again.  The other piece you talk about where it wouldn't sand properly is because you have applied far too much and not removed the excess.  The way to use the wax is to apply a FINE amount.  I usually apply it and wipe off - applying a reasonable amount of pressure to make certain I have removed the excess.  Otherwise you are sanding wet wax.

Other questions about wax:

Question:  I used the dark wax and my chair is darker than I wanted.  I wiped it back but it is still dark.  Why?

Answer:  Always use the clear wax first.  Number one and pretty much the only rule with using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax. There are exceptions to this rule, but those are for another time.    The clear wax will seal the paint and then you can start applying the dark wax sparingly at first, to get that rich patina.

Question:  Do I have to use the Annie Sloan wax?  I have some other wax at home.  Can I just use that?
Answer:  I have used different waxes and in fact sell a couple different waxes in the shop.  What I have found is that Annie's wax really does work WITH the paint.  It works it's way into the paint to seal it.  Other wax seems to lay ON the surface of the paint.  This could definitely make a difference in the final finish and the way the piece wears.

Question:  I painted and waxed my piece.  Now I want to change the color. What do I use to take off the wax so I can repaint?
Answer:  When using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you can paint right OVER the wax.  You don't have to take it off!  This is girls paint but boys can use it too is what Annie says.  That means you can change your mind, time after time.
The tables shown above have been painted AND waxed three times.  I didn't quite like them the first two times around so I painted right over the top!

Now a little tip that I like to share in my workshops - in the picture shown, you will see the table tops have been stenciled.  This was done with the dark wax. I love how stenciling with the dark wax gives a more antique look to the stencil.  

Have any questions of your own?

Keep painting outside the's more fun that way!


ShantyGirl said...

Hi and thank you so much for posting these answers and for stopping by my blog the other day and helping me with idea colors for shutters, I went to my local stockist 1.5 hours.......and got alot of paint today. I have used 6 of my colors this evening to paint chairs, end tables etc. small items and yes it went on wonderfully and very very fast with one coat however, the provence and the scandanavian pink had a different look to them upon opening the cans like they needed mixed, I mixed for a bit and went to paint and it was like painting with very watered down paint I used 3 coats to cover each of those two pieces.....has this happened to you before? I was wondering if it has can you just leave the paint out to harden a bit and will it regain a chalk consistency?? I love the colors I have so far and the graphite is so much nicer than most blacks! I have not tried my aubusson or old white yet, but loved louie, and duck egg, french gray and graphite as they went on very well the other two were alot of work.

Vicki Shoemaker said...

I know what you are talking about and it is being looked into. I can tell you an easy way to fix this is to let the can sit open a bit, possibly even all day. If there is a slight skin on the top after, just brush it away, and the paint should have thickened up. You can really thicken it up this way as well for different techniques, by leaving it open all night. I will post a picture of a sample I made with some very very thick graphite under versailles. Beautiful finish! Hope this helps.

Debbie Cooper said...

Thanks for this Vicki! My number one questions have to do with wax.


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