Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Hi all!  It has been forever it seems like since I've posted...my apologies but I have been swamped, in a good way.  The DIY business is booming.  People are ready to change their world with color, design and paint!  And the color of the year is going to be Barcelona Orange, but that isn't what I'm blogging on today...I will save that for another day.  Today I have a post from a customer, a lovely lady who came in for a one on one workshop with me so she could transform her tired cabinets into something she wanted to see each morning!  Take a look.............  these are the cabinets before...not bad shape....tile was in good shape...but dated, right?  Scroll down

These are her cabinets now......certainly brightened up the room, dont you think?    This is what she had to say..

I finished my kitchen cabinets, they turned out great!  My kitchen looks so much brighter, cleaner and updated.  Thank you for taking the extra time with me to match my paint to my tile it made such a difference.  I cannot wait to start my next projects; bathroom cabinets, various furniture items etc., etc.
I am looking forward to taking more classes.   I attached before and after photos so you could see....:)


So what did she use?   Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™..She mixed one can of Old White and One Can of Coco....seriously...one can each...that is two cans of paint people!! She used clear wax and then mixed some clear and dark to go around the edges to add some interest.

What are you waiting for?  Tomorrow morning when you wake up and go into your kitchen, take a look....want to make a change?  Let's talk!  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to help you!  
In fact, I'm doing just that on Friday ....helping a young lady get started on her kitchen.  She has put it off for over a year and now she is ready but doesn't know how to get started...so I'm off to paint with her for the day and then she will finish it up!  
Yes, in addition to teaching how to do it, I can also come and help you get started!  What a deal!  
Until next time, and I promise it will be sooner, keep painting outside the lines!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Paint Stuck Under My Fingernails: Let's focus on the facts
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