Friday, August 19, 2011

postheadericon 2 Sample Jars to give away to????

We are almost at 200 'likes' on our Facebook soon as we hit 200 I will randomly pick one person who hits like on our Facebook page and who follows and posts a comment here. That lucky person will get their color choice of 2 sample jars (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).  When we hit 500 there is something GRAND in store for one very lucky person in northern CA and a few of her/his friends!  Don't be shy - let's get this party started!
Thursday, August 18, 2011

postheadericon A daughter's creative journey

This is my daughter Carissa and this is her blog - The Sweets Table.  This is her dream and her passion, and has been for awhile.  While my happy place is in the studio painting on anything that will stand still long enough, hers is in the kitchen, baking and creating oh so delicious desserts that make my pants keep shrinking! 
So yesterday, she was helping me in the studio as she does every week.  This is a job of hers...she tries, and I emphasize TRIES to keep me organized.  This is an impossible task, but she is determined that I can be, so she keeps trying.  She was helping and (Barbara) The Shabby Cowgirl came in to talk about some aprons.. Have you met The Shabby Cowgirl?   You must!  Go to her Facebook page and hit like! You meet some wonderful people on Facebook!   Not only does she make the most wonderful aprons in the world, but she is a warm, wonderful person to boot!  Anyway, we were having a nice chat and the subject came up of doing what you love, following your heart, working your passion and just going ahead and DOING it instead of how most people just talk about doing it!  Barbara had the most wonderful words of wisdom to share with Carissa about all these things, and it really stuck with her. Read her blog post.   She listened. She got it.  She had heard it before but it is different when it isn't coming out of your mother or father's mouth!  Thank you Barbara!  This is my daughter's creative journey and I feel very blessed to be here at the beginning of this new adventure of hers!   Would I be dating myself so much if I just said YOU GO GIRL!
Monday, August 15, 2011

postheadericon The Annie Sloan Color Wheel of Paint

I loved the picket fence that Anne,  southern CA Stockist, made from old fence pieces, painting each one in an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color. We used it at the 3 Speckled Hens show in Paso Robles and it drew a crowd.  I think we should keep this a CA tradition so  I decided to do my own version and will be exhibiting this at the next show in Los Gatos - The Goat Hill Fair, September 17th and 18th....mark your calendars...going to be a blast.   As you can see I am including four unpainted pickets, just waiting to get covered in the newest colors - Pure White, Coco, French Linen and going to be my new fave - Barcelona Orange....can't wait to get my hands on that one!!  My adirondack chairs don't know what is in store for them.

Stay tuned later for a new giveaway that I will be starting...for all my northern CA friends and chalkaholics!  Watch this blog for info on it later this week....gonna be GREAT!!! 

In the meantime, keep painting outside the lines!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

postheadericon Annie Sloan Wax Questions and Answers

I get questions every day from customers and students so I thought I would, from time to time, list some of them here with answers....

Question:  My wax still feels sticky.  Did I do something wrong? 

Answer:  I am including an answer to this question posted on Annie Sloan Paint's facebook page.  This was in response to a question about the wax used in the Texas heat and does apply to any other place you live:

Annie Sloan:

Where the wax had smudged after you had it outside, I would just polish it up again.  The other piece you talk about where it wouldn't sand properly is because you have applied far too much and not removed the excess.  The way to use the wax is to apply a FINE amount.  I usually apply it and wipe off - applying a reasonable amount of pressure to make certain I have removed the excess.  Otherwise you are sanding wet wax.

Other questions about wax:

Question:  I used the dark wax and my chair is darker than I wanted.  I wiped it back but it is still dark.  Why?

Answer:  Always use the clear wax first.  Number one and pretty much the only rule with using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax. There are exceptions to this rule, but those are for another time.    The clear wax will seal the paint and then you can start applying the dark wax sparingly at first, to get that rich patina.

Question:  Do I have to use the Annie Sloan wax?  I have some other wax at home.  Can I just use that?
Answer:  I have used different waxes and in fact sell a couple different waxes in the shop.  What I have found is that Annie's wax really does work WITH the paint.  It works it's way into the paint to seal it.  Other wax seems to lay ON the surface of the paint.  This could definitely make a difference in the final finish and the way the piece wears.

Question:  I painted and waxed my piece.  Now I want to change the color. What do I use to take off the wax so I can repaint?
Answer:  When using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you can paint right OVER the wax.  You don't have to take it off!  This is girls paint but boys can use it too is what Annie says.  That means you can change your mind, time after time.
The tables shown above have been painted AND waxed three times.  I didn't quite like them the first two times around so I painted right over the top!

Now a little tip that I like to share in my workshops - in the picture shown, you will see the table tops have been stenciled.  This was done with the dark wax. I love how stenciling with the dark wax gives a more antique look to the stencil.  

Have any questions of your own?

Keep painting outside the's more fun that way!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

postheadericon Caromal Colours Reclaim Counter

I wanted to share with you all about the new Reclaim Paint from Caromal Colours.  I used this to restyle the "check out" table in my studio....and I promised you an honest critique.....

I loved it!!  This is a paint for someone who doesn't want anything fancy, just a wonderful finish to cover up what you don't like - it can be glazed or not, and distressed lightly or not - your choice.  I chose to glaze lightly over the body of the table just around the perimeter to give it some depth and some more style since the table itself is pretty plain.  Then to further enhance it, I added one of the stencils from the Caromal Colours line of sticky back stencils...another thing that is oh so easy to work with.  

Body of table - done in Off White Reclaim - rolled on with the roller in the Reclaim Paint Tool Kit.  At first I didn't like this roller, thinking the nap was too long, but I used it on the body, and it turned out as smooth as the top.  This took two coats as I had previously painted and stenciled polka dots on it which wanted to peak through!  I will say my daughter was 'not pleased' I had covered up the polka dots, but change is good, right?

The top was painted in Mocha Reclaim and I used a foam roller...I was surprised that this did not provide a smoother finish than the roller I used on the body....go figure! Both body and top are smooth to the touch with just a hint of texture.  After all if you are looking for a glass finish, you will have to pay someone to spray it for you (not Reclaim)  and then you will have a table that looks like everyone elses, right? To continue,  I lightly sanded just the edges for a distressed look and voila!  
 This is getting continued use in the studio and I will be checking back with you in a few months with an update how it is holding up, but for the last month and a half, it is solid.  It gets banged, written on, and pretty much abused and it looks great. 

My final critique?  So well worth it for an easy update! Beautiful, easy to apply for a novice, and great colors that can be tweaked or combined to make new colors!

  1. Roll it on, and when I say roll, I mean in every which direction...You don't stay with the grain!
  2. Moosh it on in the corners and edges
  4. No protective top coat needed - has sealer BUILT IN!!

I have all the ReClaim colors as well as the stencils at the studio...come by and take a look!  Available in the following colors - Licorice, Mocha, Off White, Bright White, Latte and Sage.

ReClaim Licorice & Mocha 
right sides have Antiquing Glaze
left sides just paint!

ReClaim Bright White & Sage
right side has Antiquing Glaze
left side is just paint

ReClaim Latte & Off White
right side has Antiquing Glaze
left side is paint

Monday, August 1, 2011

postheadericon Nana's Birthday Table

Nana's new birthday table
Crackled top

Sometimes finding great pieces of furniture to restore, repaint or restyle  is especially super sweet, like this table I scooped up for $20.  It was solid oak and heavy, but dirty, split and needed some serious TLC when I found it but I knew it was just the table that my mother in law would love to put behind her sofa.  Seeing the possibility of what could be instead of what was staring me in the face, I packed it up and took it home.    My mother in law had been asking for a sofa table for some time, but it had to be strong enough that her rambunctious cat would not knock over.  This was the one.  Knowing her love for soft pastel colors, and blue, which is the color of her eyes, this piece immediately spoke to me and I started in.  The next day, voila - she was done! I love this part of my job!  When I can make a present that is special just for that one person, and she loves it so much, she tears up.....that is what gives me a lot of joy! I love this job!   Today is my mother in law's 88th birthday!  Happy Birthday Nana!  

Oh, and the before???  Yuck - here it is in all it's yuckiness

What did I use?  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The top is done in the Crackled finish (Old White) , one of my favorite techniques that I teach in the Annie Sloan workshop, and the bottom is a mixture of Louis Blue with a bit of Old White, clear and dark wax, and just a bit of colored wax over the top to lighten it up even more.
See what you can do with a piece of junk? 

Have more to talk about, but for now, a little time with the hubby is called for.  I look forward to your posts and pictures.  

Keep painting!  Vicki 
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