Thursday, May 5, 2011

postheadericon A Good Day!

So today, I went to pick up a wee little ladder that I saw on Craigslist and when I got to the backyard where it was, the young lady who showed up just after me scooped it up!  But I didn't go away empty handed....sometimes life hands you unexpected surprises!  And the young lady?  She has a shop so I gave her my card! I told her I know just what she needs to turn all this junk into treasures!

Wait till you see the after pictures!  It shouldn't take long, they all just need to talk to me and so far, the ladder spoke and I listened. Tomorrow I'm thinking that little rocker is going to start looking a lot more fun that it does now. 

Till next time!  Remember to keep coloring outside the lines! 


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Vicki,
I was surching (googleing) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and found your blog. Its a pleasure to meet you. I love what you have re-purposed and created with the chalk paint..I really love this product and want to paint my hutch,dinning room table and chairs. I live in Modesto a few hours drive to Fresno,so if I understand you are selling the paint and would it be by mail only or could we come to your studio and see your samples and purcahse the paint and supplies. I have a blog Home is Where the Heart is.
I have become your newest followers. I look forward to seeing your projects and reading your posts.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

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