Thursday, April 28, 2011

postheadericon Quality time in the studio with Carissa and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Today I had some quality time in the studio with my daughter, Carissa and Annie Sloan Chalk paint!  It seems I never get a whole day to just paint and enjoy being with Carissa, so today I did just that!  Thought I would  share a few pictures of today's projects and a little bit more....

-"The Blues"  Different techniques and shades of blue from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint the crackle, and the color over color....what am I saying....I love them all!

This is a view from the studio to the peaceful!  In front of window is another view of table just finished with Paris Grey crackled and gilded, and an old brass  lamp done in the Caromal Colours parchment color with a stenciled lampshade.

Carissa hard at work on an old chest of drawers that had seen better days.  When the knobs go on I'll post the finished pictures.  Funny thing is she NEVER liked to paint before, but Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has changed her mind!
A small little table I picked up from Craigslist and did in an afternoon (to be sold) ...don't think I had a before picture of it....didn't have the heart to tell the lady I bought it from I was going to paint right over her newly varnished table top!   This is Duck Egg Blue with gold leafing.
These are the sweet little boxes Carissa was working on today to give as a Mother's Day present to her mother-in-law.  How lucky she is!  Hope she isn't reading this!!

Just so you understand the salutation....moosh and smoosh is a term I say a lot when teaching with the Caromal Colours Country Living Artisans Collection, since you don't paint it, you simply moosh and smoosh the paint on!  Now with Annie Sloan it is a bit different, you paint, but you moosh and smoosh the wax on!  Gotta love it!   So now you know!


Cindy said...

hi vicki, i have been researching the annie sloan chalk paint, i'm trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and get the's hard to cough up the money not only for the paint but for the wax too, but i have heard such great things about it.

i thought i would surf around blogland and get some insight about how people like this looks like you love it!!!!

your projects look great...from what i have read on other blogs, i guess i am going to have to try it!!

thanks and have a great week.


nataly said...

Beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and joining the hop! -Nataly
I am following you from

Vicki said...

Hi Cindy - Yes, I do love this paint...I love it because of the beautiful colors, the ease of use and NO SANDING orSTRIPPIMG or PRIMING! Just dig in! If I can answer any questions for you, let me know!

Floppin Flower said...

Did you use Annie Sloan paint to get the cracked looking piece on the top right of the top picture? It is amazing! If so, do you mind me asking how?

Vicki Shoemaker said...

The piece at top right is indeed the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. All of these are. This paint is very unique in that after you 'lay' down the second coat of paint, you can apply heat with a hair dryer and crackle the paint. Play with it and see if you can do this! If you are having trouble, contact your nearest stockist. We have workshops that are tons of fun and you learn all about the different ways to use the paint and the CORRECT way to use the wax so it is durable and sealed! Thanks for stopping by!

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